The Micro Market – Get on board with in house innovation.

Imagine having the convenience of a self-service store in your workplace. Imagine that self-service store containing your favourite refreshments, all of which are on demand. Imagine all those delicious refreshments being regularly topped up, so you never have to go without. Well imagine no more. Coinadrink have been providing refreshment services for 55 years, and stable success has encouraged us to branch out and form Express Refreshments. The Micro Market is here. Innovation is here.

So, what is a Micro Market?

In short, it’s the key to expert refreshments on demand. The Micro Market sites a like-for-like ‘shop’ in the workplace, giving your staff access to hot and cold drinks, food and snacks. Make your selection and then head over to the self-service checkout, using your Express Refreshments card that makes purchasing quick, simple and cashless.

What led us to the Micro Market?

We are committed to delivering expert refreshments to each and every business, such is the important of vending in the workplace. What we have also stressed, though, is having a vision that is parallel to positive innovation in the industry, and that line of thinking brought us to develop our first Micro Market.

Too many workplaces are forced to make do with adequate lunch time refreshments, and this isn’t acceptable. Refreshments are as tasty now as they always were, but with the choices only continuing to grow, the Micro Market makes light work of selecting your favourite.

What’s the fuss, and why do you need one?

If your employees exceed 150, then you’ll quickly see that it’s a no brainer. Whilst you can install a number of vending machines in your workplace to suit, it may incur lengthy queues, which poses a dilemma to you as the employer.

Your staff can either return to their day to day tasks without their mid-morning snack or beverage, allowing fatigue and low motivation to creep in, or be forced off site for alternative options. This again means less time at their desk, but also less time collaborating with their colleagues. Healthy working relationships are key to achieving results, and your staff having to part for their refreshments is at the very least frustrating.

The Micro Market is easily installed by us, and we’re here for you every step of the way with professional and knowledgeable assistance. CCTV deters theft, whilst bespoke innovation ensures we know exactly what is proving popular, meaning your favourite treats are always topped up and readily available. You purchase your products using a handy Express Refreshments card, which can be topped up using our website, and it’s never been simpler.

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