Why not experience the revolution in workplace refreshments?

Express Refreshments is one of Coinadrink’s dedicated branch divisions. Developed in 2013, Express Refreshments benefits from Coinadrink’s keen eye for innovation to introduce the Micro Market into workplaces. The Micro Market is an advanced refreshment solution that places over 400 products in the hands of your staff in an aesthetically pleasing design. It is the revolution in workplace refreshments!

More Choice.

Think of Tesco Express and you’ll have almost hit the nail on the head. Over 400 products, ranging from hot drinks to confectionary, are available on shelving, so you can browse each product extensively before committing to purchase. Bespoke innovation allows us to understand which products are proving popular so we can restock to suit, and we can add healthier options to your market.

A refreshment hub with many benefits.

The Micro Market is regarded as a ‘refreshment hub’, encouraging your staff to stay on site for their refreshments. While this is ideal if your business is in a remote location whereby quality refreshments aren’t accessible nearby, keeping staff together also increases engagement. This is key for workplace productivity. The market is completely unmanned and available 24 hours a day, so workplaces operating unusual shift patterns can still enjoy the market.

Sticking to allocated break times.

Keeping staff on site will have a positive impact on employees sticking to their allocated break time. Hurrying off site for refreshments means they are more likely to get back to their desk late, especially when you factor in trying to find somewhere to go and then the queue time that they may experience. The Micro Market uses a cashless payment terminal that is quick and simple to use, so you’ll be back working in no time. It’s the ultimate ‘grab-and-go’ solution.

Tailored to you.

We personally design and create the market to suit the design of your business, and can even add your company branding should you wish. No matter the size of your workplace, we can design the market to suit. CCTV can help deter theft, and bespoke innovation means we know what products are proving popular and what needs re-stocking.


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