Monthly Archive: January 2018

The Micro Market on National Appreciation Day!

Seven reasons why the Micro Market is better than a cafeteria.

If you’re a larger workplace seeking quality refreshments for your employees, then you’ve probably narrowed down your options to a Micro Market and a cafeteria. Both provide extensive choice for the larger workplace, and both improve the productivity of your workforce. This is where the similarities end, however. The fact is that the cafeteria is an archaic refreshment solution, and the younger, fresher Micro Market is significantly pulling ahead. Here’s why.

The fresh food in our Micro Markets is always kept at its very best thanks to temperature controlled locks.

Fresh food in our Micro Market – more than meets the eye.

As the working day gets busier, finding the time to take a break and have something to eat becomes much more difficult. The Micro Market was developed to be the ultimate ‘grab and go’ solution, and it has completely revolutionised the face of workplace refreshments. In today’s blog, we want to talk about our refrigerators. Showcasing a diverse range of fresh food through a colossal glass front, there is a lot of technology within to help keep your sandwich or pasty at its very best. While there is often a natural concern about the consumption of fresh food, you never...