Fresh food in our Micro Market – more than meets the eye.

As the working day gets busier, finding the time to take a break and have something to eat becomes much more difficult. The Micro Market was developed to be the ultimate ‘grab and go’ solution, and it has completely revolutionised the face of workplace refreshments. In today’s blog, we want to talk about our refrigerators. Showcasing a diverse range of fresh food through a colossal glass front, there is a lot of technology within to help keep your sandwich or pasty at its very best. While there is often a natural concern about the consumption of fresh food, you never need worry with the Micro Market.

The fresh food in our refrigerators is kept at its best thanks to the temperature controlled locks.

The fresh food in our refrigerators is kept at its best thanks to the temperature controlled locks.

The required temperature for the refrigerator to keep its contents at the optimum level is between 1 and 4 degrees Celsius (32-40 degrees Fahrenheit). The Micro Market includes a temperature activated lock, and should the temperature fall outside the optimum level then the fridge will lock and cannot be opened by the customer. An engineer will then be sent out as soon as possible to investigate the issue, using a remote fob that is used to unlock the fridge. The food supply will be refreshed if needed.

The Micro Market was designed as a way to enjoy quality food whenever needed, such is the reason for it being open and available 24 hours a day. However, if we believe the products won’t be at their best, we won’t make them available until we’re confident they are.

The refrigerators have six shelves in order to accommodate as many products as possible, all showcased under energy efficient LED lighting through a sizeable glass window. We tailor the products to suit your workforce, and we know which ones are proving popular and which ones aren’t. Next time you crave something for lunch, grab a sandwich from the Micro Market and never put your day on hold again. It’s quick, simple and all products are enriched with a premium level of quality.

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