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We’ve recently been shouting loud and proud about our Micro Market being selected as a finalist for the Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2018. It’s an achievement we are very proud of, because it shows that the unorthodox yet innovative nature of the Micro Market is reaching the wider scale that we intended. The Micro Market is the revolution in workplace refreshments, and is centralised around the productivity and wellbeing of your workforce.

What are the Tomorrow’s FM Awards?

Tomorrow’s FM is a digital magazine for the Facilities Management industry, covering all the latest news and innovations. Those in Facilities Management are responsible for the wellbeing of their workforce, and may choose to take on board new advancements to keep everything running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Facilities Management is a growing industry, and The Tomorrow’s FM Awards showcase new innovations which could be of interest…

What we have achieved with our Micro Market.

It’s an honour to have been selected as a finalist. The FM Awards scour the entire industry Nationwide for products and services that can help Facilities Managers in their day to day roles, and we’re delighted that the Micro Market has been shortlisted in the top 50. We’d love to go one better, however.

Why we feel our Micro Market would be a worthy winner.

The Micro Market is based around the wellbeing of your workforce, improving productivity through an array of refreshments and clever technology. We’re happy that you are currently reaping in the benefits of the market, and we’re sure you’d agree that it is a true revolution. If you are happy to vote for us, then we’d be grateful for your support.

How to vote for us in the FM Awards.

You have until Friday 16th March to vote for us, and it’s ever so simple to do. Just click the link below and look for ‘vote for your favourite’ at the bottom of the publication. We are listed as ‘Micro Market – Coinadrink’.

If you require more information on our Micro Market, then visit our website!

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