How you’re showing your employees you appreciate them on National Appreciation Day…

Showing your employees that you appreciate their commitment can work wonders for your company. At Coinadrink Limited, our employees are critical to the success that we have enjoyed throughout our 55-year history, and so forth we show our gratitude in lots of varied ways. National Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity to remind you that you’re showing your employees you appreciate them by having a Micro Market in your business!

Offering for the working day and beyond.

The Micro Market on National Appreciation Day!

The Micro Market on National Appreciation Day!

Your Micro Market provides over 400 products for the working day and beyond, and the products are tailored to suit your workforce. In the rising demand for healthy eating, you provide fresh food for your staff to enjoy. The Micro Market provides ample space for chilled and ambient products, and it stocks fresh sandwiches, salads and pasta pots amongst many other products.

The Micro Market lets your staff take control of your own break time. All products are pre-packaged for them to grab-and-go or alternatively, you can use your market as a ‘refreshment hub’ for you to wind down with colleagues.

Offers and discounts that your staff are taking advantage of.

Just like you would find in the supermarket or local corner shop, the Micro Market regularly provides offers and discounts for your staff to take advantage of. This extends to products such as snacks, fresh food and cold drinks, and the promotions regularly change. Your staff are grabbing a bargain every break time…

A more secure payment system.

The cashless payment terminal.

The cashless payment terminal.

Your Micro Market uses a cashless, self-service payment terminal for a quicker and more secure checkout process. It’s easy for your staff to top up your card from our website, and then simply swipe to complete their purchase when they’ve made their selection. Just like you would in the supermarket, they can scan multiple items in one session, so the terminal brings added convenience to your staff.

The Micro Market was always designed to make refreshments more accessible. Because the terminal is available to use 24 hours a day, so are your refreshments, which your staff are loving.

Benefits to your staff mean there’s benefits for you.

Such ample choice in the Micro Market means your staff are staying on site for their break time, which means they are unlikely to go over their allocated break time. It also means you don’t need to force them off site, which is important when the weather is poor. This would them feeling unmotivated when they return to their desks, so your Micro Market is your saving grace.

Your Micro Market also encourages stronger working relationships, by bringing staff together for their break time. Working relationships are key to achieving results in the workplace, so your Micro Market creates a close-knit atmosphere that staff enjoy working in.

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