How it works

Setting up an Express Refreshments store couldn’t be easier. Provide the space and we’ll do all the work.


Assessing your site

First of all we will conduct an initial survey to determine whether an Express Refreshments store would be suitable for your business. A member of our sales team will then arrange a meeting to discuss the available options. This will include selecting a hot drinks machine capable of providing enough drinks for all your staff, as well as choosing if chilled items will be placed in open refrigeration units or behind glass doors. You may also want to let us know any initial product preferences that you have, but the product range can easily be altered later on, to match the purchasing habits of your staff.


Installing the micro market

Once we have determined all your requirements, our shop-fitting team will begin the installation. Depending on the location, this may including fitting new ceiling lighting and flooring to create an optimum shopping experience, as well as CCTV to deter theft. The micro market will require access to a few essential services such as power, internet access for the checkout terminal and possibly a mains water supply (if you have selected a hot drinks machine that requires it).

Paying for products in the store

To remove all the issues related to processing cash payments within your premises, Express Refreshments  uses a credit based system. We will issue all you staff with swipe cards that they can use at the self-checkout terminal when selecting their items. Your staff will all have their own individual accounts which they can easily  top-up with credit via our website.